Walkathon Cleanup

Grenada Green Group (G3)

On Saturday, 28 May, G3 joined forces with ‘Arms Over The Region’ AMOR in a ‘Walkathon Cleanup’ from Tanteen Roundabout to Camerhogne Park, where an excellent breakfast was provided. AMOR is a non-profit oganisation (like G3) with about 20 members, which undertakes humanitarian aid and community projects.

On this occasion, just over 30 bags of garbage were collected from the roadside drains and verges.

Drain GAOnce again, drains which had been cleaned for Independence Day, and at least once since, were full to overflowing with plastic bottles and styrofoam food containers. Many were full of water from recent rain — perfect mosquito nurseries. Why do people do this when everybody knows that the mosquitoes spread dengue, chikungunya and, most recently, zika? Why do people do this when blocked drains lead to flooding? Do they think it improves the appearance of the place?

Maybe is because they see people like this public-spirited group cleaning up, and think “We can drop what we like, someone’s paid to clean up.” But no one WAS paid to clean up — quite the opposite — people spent their own time and money investing in bags and transport out of sheer generosity and concern for the environment.

Cars whizzed past, but it was an American medical student on a scooter who, taking pity on us in the hot sun, went out of his way to buy us some drinks. VERY gratefully received, but why is it that foreigners have more sympathy, generosity humanity and environmental sensitivity than our own nationals, who drove past in their anonymous hundreds. Presumably some of them had dropped the litter in the first place, and suffered no bad conscience at the sight of the AMOR youngsters out picking up their discarded bottles, cups, cigarette ends, bags…

KelvinG3 salutes AMOR for their work, but can’t help wishing that it wasn’t necessary. Why should our youngsters get their hands dirty in ditches and drains, in the full heat of the sun, to pick up other people’s filth? And now long before the drains are refilled?
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One bright note, though. Minister Steele said recently that he intends to put last year’s Litter Act into force very soon. It can’t be too soon — if hitting people in the pocket is the only way to prevent this unsightly health hazard, then so be it.

Grenada Green Group

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