World Day Against Child Labour

12 June is commemorated as World Day Against Child Labour. The theme for this year is “End Child Labour in Supply Chains — It’s Everyone’s Business!

Child Labour is the work performed by children and adolescents engaged in economic activities who are under the minimum age to work in accordance with National Law and International Standards and who are deprived from their education.

Grenada in April 2016, joined 25 other countries which form the Regional Initiative which is an alliance among countries of the Region (Latin America and the Caribbean) whose purpose is to eliminate worst forms of child labour by 2020 and complete elimination of Child Labour by 2025. Latest statistics indicate that 168 million children are engaged in child labour, Latin America and the Caribbean has 12.5 million children and adolescents in child labour which represents 8.6% of the global share.

There are no reported cases of child labour in Grenada. However, the government is asking the public for your cooperation in this regard. If persons are aware of incidents of child labour, please call the Ministry of Labour, phone number 440-2532 and report same. There are two focal points who you can liaise with — Mrs Elizabeth Pivotte-Cyrus and Ms Brenda Bain.

Let’s all work together — As we seek to eliminate child labour


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