Be a SPICY Parent

As the July/August vacation progresses, the National Parenting Programme of the Ministry of Social Development & Housing is reminding parents, guardians and caregivers to be responsible and ensure that children in their care are efficiently cared for.

They are also being urged to build trust with their children from a very early age, to ensure that their confidence is built and sustained.

Family Coordinator of the National Parenting Programme Deborah Cudjoe is appealing to parents to ensure that their children are kept in the hands of trusted guardians, if they need to go out.

SPICY is an acronym with significance:

S – Speak to your children about positive behaviours
P – Pay attention to your children at and away from home
I – Inspire good behavior in your children
C – Check in with your children to know where they are, and
Y – You are responsible for your children’s wellbeing.

Ministry of Social Development & Housing

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