“Flaming Candle” Child Abusers Charged

Screenshot of the “Flaming Candle” child abuse video

by Linda Straker

Police have confirmed that the two women who were assisting them with the investigations into a child abuse video which showed a toddler being burnt with hot wax from a flaming candle, are charged with wounding.

Charged are Kisha Passee and Josann Miller.

The video which was posted on Facebook earlier in the week, shows a naked female toddler having hot candle wax poured on her hands, being made to touch the open flame of the candle, and at one point being told to eat the hot wax.

“It nice,” said the female voice who had dusted off some of the wax on the child’s shoulder, when another female point out that “you burn her.”

“That is nothing man,” said the female voice in reply, as she brushed off the wax off the child.

It is not clear who uploaded the video, but it has being shared by many persons, with most people condemning the act and calling for the abusers to be penalised to the full extent of the law. Wounding charges carry a maximum penalty of 4 years imprisonment or a fine EC$4,000 — or both.

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