Prison Parenting Session

If you’re parenting from prison, no doubt you will miss key life events in your child’s life.

You won’t be home to pack their lunches, to hear the day–to–day stories, to take them for a walk, to the park, or to kiss them goodnight. This absence will off course be devastating to you, and to your child.

Studies have also shown that children with at least one incarcerated parent tend to suffer from separation anxiety, household instability, financial need, antisocial behaviors, feelings of isolation, shame, and even stigmatization.

These kids, according to studies, have greater chance of getting involved in drug abuse or illegal activities. However, the Ministry of Social Development & Housing is assuring inmates that “there is hope.”

Recently, the National Parenting Programme of Grenada, run by the Ministry hosted a parenting session with fathers presently incarcerated at Her Majesty’s Prison.

The session was held under the theme: “Fathers make a difference” and focused on how fathers, even as inmates, can make a meaningful impact to the lives of their children. It was executed by Parenting Facilitator, Mrs Colette Jeffrey–Charles.

Mrs Jeffrey underscored the importance of accepting one’s mistakes, forgiving yourself and seeking forgiveness from their children in such situations.

She noted that while it is a challenge to be a good parent while being incarcerated, it is quite possible to be accomplished. She further encouraged the inmates to endeavour to make a fresh start after exiting the prison walls.

The Ministry of Social Development & Housing says the initiative was in a bid to help cultivate stronger and healthier families in Grenada.

Ministry of Social Development & Housing

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