Public Servants’ Salaries to Increase

Minister Nickolas Steele

The government is making good on its promise to adjust the salaries of public officers, based on the increments agreement.

That announcement was made by Hon. Nickolas Steele, Minister for Health, Social Security and International Business at the recent Post-Cabinet Briefing.

According to Minister Steele, “at the end of July, salaries will be adjusted to be current with the 2013 to 2016 agreement. This will also be done again at the start of 2017”. He also said that “government has also requested a meeting with the unions to discuss the backpay or arrears in increment.”

Prime Minister Dr the Rt Hon. Keith Mitchell has consistently stated that pensions and increments must be resolved to enhance the working relationship with public officers. He again made the point in his recent national address to the nation.


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