Put Your Child’s Safety First

Grenada Carnival Shortknee

The Royal Grenada Police Force is appealing to parents and guardians to exercise extreme vigilance when it comes to their young ones.

With the Carnival Season in swing and the Children’s Carnival Frolic mere days away, parents and guardians are encouraged to put the safety of their children above all else.

  • Parents/Guardians are reminded that children must not be left at home unsupervised and that every safety precaution should be taken to ensure they are protected from the ‘criminal minds’ that may be lurking during the Carnival Season and at carnival-related events.
  • The RGPF is encouraging parents/guardians to establish ground/safety rules that are simple, positive and specific (tell kids what they should do) ahead of time, rather than after leaving home.
  • They are also reminded that when attending Carnival activities children should be kept in sight/close contact and not be allowed to stray; children must be accompanied to bathrooms and that they should not entrust the care of their children to strangers or persons that they themselves or children are not fully acquainted with.
  • Parents/Guardians are also advised that they should place their child’s name as well as their own contact information on their children in the event of loss; avoid moving through crowded areas and through floats; help their children to recognize the right person to assist them and teach them how to spot a grown-up that can be trusted such as a policeman, security officer or a member of the organizing committee who will be in uniform and wearing a tag and tell him/her if lost to go to one of these persons and seek help.
  • Remember to take a photo of your child with your phone before leaving home. This way you’ll have an image of your child in his/her current outfit to show to others if he/she gets lost.

Office of Commissioner of Police

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