Schoolbooks to be Available

Ministry of Education

There is no change in government’s policy towards the school books programme.

During the weekly Post Cabinet News Briefing, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Simon Stiell said based on an ongoing audit in primary and secondary schools, they do not foresee a shortage of books for the upcoming term.

The minister says that the “assessment is about 50% complete, and so far that assessment shows that there will be or should be no shortages, book shortages in the system for the start of the new term.”

Minister Stiell, who is responsible for Human Resource Development, says in the event that there is a shortage, the books that are currently available in the system will be distributed to all schools, and if there is a shortfall, based on government’s current policy, the most vulnerable will receive the books.

Another option is that if funds are available, the government will make up for the shortfall.


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