Some St Mark Residents to Become New Land Owners

Minister Clarice Modeste-Curwen

26 residents of Waltham, St Mark have been given the opportunity to own the lot of land they have been living on for years.

The letters of application, which were officially handed over to the residents on Wednesday, 22 June, provide them with a head-start to purchase the lands, once they act upon the stipulated requirements.

Conducting the handover was Parliamentary Representative for St Mark, Hon. Clarice Modeste, who said this has been a long-awaited moment for the Waltham residents.

“I know for years the people of Waltham have been living on the land they built their houses on,” MP Modeste explained.

“Some built nice wall houses, others wooden houses. You have been there but never had your documents, you never really owned the property.”

The document contains the square footage of the land, its cost and the amount that needs to be paid in advance to proceed with ownership.

The MP urged the residents to act with haste to complete the process, as this would give them the right to expand on their houses, or will the property.

26 letters have been handed out in the first instance.


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