Counterfeit $20 and $10 Bills

The Royal Grenada Police Force is urging persons to be on the lookout for Eastern Caribbean Currency counterfeit $20 and $10 notes, which are now in circulation in Grenada.

The $20 note bears serial numbers: HF 773745 and the 10-dollar note bears serial number GD 337546.

The general public is urged to exercise utmost vigilance and caution when doing business. In particular, those involved in business such as bus drivers, taxi operators, shop keepers and the likes are urged to be on their guard.

Persons coming in contact with any counterfeit note are advised to contact the Financial Intelligence Unit at 435 2373/4 or the police immediately.

Persons are reminded that it is an offense to have in their possession or tender any counterfeit money.

Office of the Commissioner of Police

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