COP Says Zero Tolerance for Violence

Acting Commissioner of Police Winston James

“I am calling on the young men and women who feel their only choice nowadays when they are confronted is to use a cutlass, knife or gun, to stay away from that”.

These were the words of Acting Commissioner of Police Winston James on 27 July 2016, as he reiterated the intention of the Royal Grenada Police Force to keep the Carnival Season as peaceful as possible.

Acting COP James said the RGPF will adopt a zero tolerance to the use of weapons at all Carnival shows and activities. He was at the time speaking during the handover ceremony of a quantity of vehicles to the RGPF.

He called on every citizen and visitor alike to refrain from breaking the law or doing anything that will undermine the security and well-being of others and to play their part in ensuring a peaceful 2016 Carnival season.

Acting COP James also made a clarion call to young people to desist from violence as it can have a negative effect on their ability to obtain a certificate of character.

“Already, hundreds of people are coming to me and other persons above me looking for help in order to travel or obtain a visa. As a result of their behavior ten, fifteen years ago, they are now suffering from that”, says, COP James.

He called on all to take heed and obey the law.

Source: Office of Commissioner of Police

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