NDC Not Focusing on Referendum Vote

Vincent Roberts, Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)

by Linda Straker

An official of the National Democratic Congress has disclosed that the party will not be leading a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ campaign for the upcoming referendum, because it is the opinion of the party that the people are presently not interested in referendum.

“The National Democratic Congress likewise will not be focusing any resources on that — if people feel that they are sufficiently well-informed and they wish to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on a particular recommendation, vote according to your conscience,” said Vincent Roberts, Chairman of the NDC.

Addressing the media on Monday during the party’s weekly news conference, Roberts said that the Party has done its own assessment, and a referendum is the least important matter on the people’s agenda.

However, he made a personal plea for people to vote against the proposed changes to the Constitution. “If you want to vote, vote no. I think most people should vote no. The people should vote no, because they are not informed. I am not sufficiently informed, and I think I read quite a lot,” said Vincent — who claims that every day, new things are popping up about the referendum and the proposed changes.

Roberts said that there are aspects of the recommended changes that cannot be enforced in law. “It’s just nice writing,” he said.

Following two years of consultations throughout the country, Grenada will be having a referendum on 27 October 2016, seeking the people’s vote to make a number of amendments and inclusions in the constitution which was originally handed down from the United Kingdom in 1974.

The 7 bills are:

  • The Caribbean Court of Justice and other Justice-Related Matters
  • The Elections and Boundaries Commission
  • Ensuring the Appointment of Leader of The Opposition
  • Fixed Date for Elections
  • Name Of State
  • Rights and Freedoms
  • Term of Office of the Prime Minister

Once two-thirds of voters approve the changes, the constitution will be amended.

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