Prime Minister Commends RGPF and Nation for Safe Carnival Season

Dr the Right Honourable Keith C Mitchell, Prime Minister

The Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, commends the Commissioner of Police, Mr Winston James, and the Royal Grenada Police Force for their concerted effort in maintaining the stability and order of the Nation during the 2016 carnival season.

“The officers must be lauded for their hard work, discipline and dedicated service in upholding law and order; showing to the world the highest degree of professionalism, perseverance and restraint during the long and intense events that are characteristic of Grenada’s carnival celebration.

From all reports, the overall celebratory period was relatively incident-free and the RGPF played a major role in ensuring that Grenada’s safety and security were not compromised in the midst of the revelry.”

Prime Minister Mitchell also expresses appreciation to the thousands of visitors who came to Grenada to celebrate the festival, and he commended the Nation for showcasing the true Grenadian spirit and pride during the festivities; thus making easier the work of law enforcement.

“All in all, the organizers and the participants of Spicemas 2016 are to be congratulated because from all indications, the events were well-executed and very well-supported.”



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