Revellers called on to Exercise Restraint during Carnival

Senator Brenda Hood

As the 2016 Carnival season gets into gear, the Ministry with responsibility for Culture wishes to remind Band Leaders, Masqueraders and all Radio Announcers and DJs to exercise restraint, even as we prepare to enjoy this important, highly anticipated cultural festival.

The Ministry urges all to maintain and uphold our well established norms, morals and values and do not allow the spirit of the festivities to overcome our good sense and acceptable behavior. We are particularly concerned that the Laws of Grenada be adhered to, especially as it relates to indecent exposure of our bodies under the guise of costuming or having fun. Additionally, we must be conscious of what is played on the air waves and ensure that “clean” versions are used at all times.

In expressing her hope for the season, Hon. Brenda Hood has stated, “As Minister for Culture, I wish to remind everyone participating in Spicemas 2016 that we live in a Christian society, therefore the moral fabric of the nation must not be compromised. We must uphold our positive values. This festive season is a time to celebrate our culture; however we must be responsible and conscious of not offending others as a result of negative behaviour. I take this opportunity to wish everyone, including our visitors, a fun filled Spicemas. I also make an appeal to all parents to speak with their children and encourage them to respect themselves at all times and to not compromise their dignity.”

 Ministry of Tourism and Culture

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