Love, Soul and the Physical

by Serika Charles

Every known religion (philosophical lifestyle) under this sun whether they be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and more all talk about life after death. In some crazy way human beings unconsciously place high importance on the soul. Even after death, even after the body that has been our vehicle deteriorates, the body that has enabled us to see, taste, touch, hear, smell and reproduce (in most cases) is long gone and dead; humans still remember the ones who have passed on from this third dimensional experience, hoping that their soul still lives and is safe somewhere in the universe or with the creator. Now despite this trend of thinking, and the consistent pattern of love in all of these different ways of understanding the human experience, it still baffles me that humans are still arguing over what other humans do with their bodies.

If the soul is truly what it all boils down to, and love is of highest importance, why is it then that some of you still think you can dictate how a person chooses to have sex? If you are still so focused on the 5 senses, tell me then, have you really found the 6th? If we didn’t have these vehicles called the human body which we lose upon death. Does one’s soul still have a sex organ? Are not our bodies just a means of interacting with each other in this physical world? If we didn’t have bodies, would it matter who we loved?

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