RGPF Concerned about Speeding

The Royal Grenada Police Force is concerned about speeding on the nation’s roadways, and is appealing to motorists engage in this practice to cease immediately.

The RGPF is reminding all motorists, and in particular, operators of minibuses, that traveling at a speed greater than what the law specifies, is not just a disobedience of the laws of the road, but also an endangerment to the lives of commuters and other road users (motorists, cyclists, pedestrians).

Section 58 of the Road Traffic Act Chapter 289 of Volume 13 of the 2010 Continuous Revised Laws of Grenada states that a person who drives a motor vehicle of a class or description at a speed greater than the maximum speed in its class or description on the road on which it is being driven, commits and offence.

Motorists are reminded of their duty when it comes to road safety and are urged to be responsible in their driving.

All violators will be dealt with according to law.

The RGPF is also reminding commuters of their responsibility to ensure that they are transported to and from their destination safely, and their right to report infractions of the road laws and regulations to the police.

Source: Office of Commissioner of Police

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