The Grenada Bar Association supports the public education process on Constitution Reform ahead of Referendum Day

The Grenada Bar Association (“GBA”), commits to ensuring that when Grenadians vote on Referendum Day (27 October 2016), that the GBA would have done its part in helping citizens understand the Bills they are voting for and the implications.

Leading members of the Bar have already been visible in the current constitution reform process through their involvement in the Constitution Reform Advisory Committee (“CRAC”), and public education. These members include: Dr Francis Alexis, Dr Lawrence Joseph, Mr Robert Branch, Mr Ruggles Ferguson, Ms Naeisha John, Mrs Kindra Mathurine-Stewart, Mrs Margaret Wilkinson, and Mr George Prime. Now others too join the relay for public education, ahead of Referendum Day.

The GBA members will be part of a public education drive working with other Civil Society organisations (CSOs) in island wide public education activities sponsored by the UNDP. The GBA, facilitated by its Law Reform and Law Revision Committee and its Secretariat will assist with the coordination of public education on constitution reform with sponsorship from the UNDP. The organisation will also share its legal expertise and resources with other CSOs engaged in the constitution reform process.

The GBA’s constitutional experts and attorneys will lead a Symposium on Wednesday, 14 September 2016, at the Public Workers Union, for Bar and CSO members, to discuss several topical issues on the constitution Bills to be voted on by Grenadians. The GBA will share hard copies of the gazetted bills at public places and make these bills, fact sheets available on its website and Facebook page.

The GBA will also provide a Constitution Hotline service from 10 October 2016, staffed by Bar volunteer lawyers, who will share with citizens, focused responses on constitutional issues for which they need clarification.

Grenada Bar Association

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