Update on Water Systems

The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) advises consumers served by the following water systems of the interruption in water supply due to dam blockage caused by rainfalls associated with Tropical Storm Matthew.

  • Mirabeau Water System – Sabb, Byelands, Mirabeau, Mt. Horne, Grenville, Rose Mont, St. Cloud’s, Balthazar, Grand Bras, Forde, Telescope, St Mary’s, River Lett, Soubise, Cook Hill, The Villa, Mt Sealy, Paraclete, Santoo Pee Street, Columba, The entire Town of Grenville.
  • Mt Horne Water System – Mt Horne, Paradise, Dunfermline, Grace Bakery, Pearls, Canal Road, La Fillette, Seamoon

For the Peggy Whim Water System affecting – Peggy’s Whim, Hermitage, River Sallee, Conference, Tivoli, Chantimelle, Sauteurs, Mt Rose, Bathway, Rose Hill, Carrierre, St John’s, parts of Samaritan, consumers continue to experience low water pressure.

Consumers served by the affected water systems are encouraged to utilize their stored supply taking into consideration the needs of each member of their families and not forgetting pets. A timeline for restoration cannot be provided at this time.

We remind consumers that if we experience heavy rainfall during the course of the day, that similar conditions will occur for the other water systems.

For persons currently with a supply you are reminded of the need to have adequate storage to last a minimum of 3 days.

The Authority will continue to assess our water systems and provide an update.


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