German Embassy Takes a Stand Against Sexual Violence

Sexual violence against girls and women is an issue that is ever so prominent in Grenada and other countries of the region.

The headlines of the newspapers are filled with stories about girls who are of a very tender age (more seldom boys) who are abused and sexually assaulted by relatives and neighbours. But what happens to these girls and women when the newspapers are finished with their stories and the few cases which come in front of the courts?

Sexual abuse leaves scars, physically and mentally, and not all are addressed by the overwhelmed health systems.

The German Embassy is honoured to support the work of the “Sweet Water Foundation” and its “Rise Girls Club”. Within the Club, abused girls come together to gain strength in a group and to be consulted and consoled by specialists. The focus of the project is that with the help of psychotherapists, art and yoga therapists, doctors and lawyers and other specialists, the girls and women can regain control over their lives, rebuild their self esteem and learn how to safely advocate for basic human rights of other girls, as well as themselves.

The Sweet Water Foundation has been working for the empowerment of women and girls for many years and has been engaging them in the Rise Girls Club for 5 years.

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

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