Grenada National Stadium will be Lit!

Grenada National Stadium

by Donella Hosten

Hon. Roland Bhola says the cricket stadium will be lighted soon, and renovations will be done.

Minister of Youth, Sports and Religious Affairs, Hon. Roland Bhola, has revealed that the Government of Grenada is currently engaging the Government of the People’s Republic of China to finalise on an economic and technical corporation agreement to undertake renovations and repairs to the cricket stadium. They are also looking at getting a maintenance plan in place for the Athletic and Football Stadium.

During this week’s Post-Cabinet Briefing, Minister Bhola confirmed that the lighting of the Grenada National [cricket] Stadium should happen soon. According to the Minister, a Technical Committee was put in place to ensure that the specifications being bid on by different companies, were of international standard and accepted by the International Cricket Council (ICC). He said the British firm NMS Engineering was selected to complete the lighting of the cricket stadium.

The Minister also noted that another committee was set up with Permanent Secretaries from the Ministries of Finance, Works, and Sports, to finalise the details of the Public Tenders Board, as this is the first time the lighting will be done. He confirmed that funding from the Canadian Bank Note Company (CBN), is already in place, and the cost of lighting the stadium is between US$8 –10 million.

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