No Same Sex Marriage

Dr the Right Honourable Keith C Mitchell, Prime Minister

The Keith Mitchell administration does not support same-sex marriage.

The reassurance from Government Senator Simon Stiell, has, in the past, been made clear publicly by Prime Minister Dr Rt Hon. Keith Mitchell.

During Tuesday’s Post Cabinet Briefing, Sen. Stiell said the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms bill is designed to address the inequalities between men and women and does not speak to same-sex marriage.

“It’s not the intention to weaken any provisions within the present constitution with regards to this,” said Sen. Stiell.

“The Prime Minister has mentioned on many occasions in terms of same-sex marriage, not under his watch. And this is a very clear, unambiguous decision of this administration”.

Also addressing the post cabinet news briefing on Tuesday, 11 October — Grenada’s Attorney General Cajeton Hood, says the Rights and Freedoms Bill, one of seven being proposed for constitutional reform, does not promote same sex marriage. Hood stressed that Grenada’s marriage laws speak only to a legal union between a man and woman.

“In every single one of them, there is a reference between a man and a woman which is a female. There is an implication, an inescapable implication that marriage in Grenada is between a male and a female, it is clear,” said Hood.

“Notice that the amendment does not speak to marriage at all.  So how does someone import the concept that this amendment speaks to marriage or intended to apply to marriage?”

The Attorney General also sought to calm fears that Grenada’s signing onto certain international treaties can make way for same-sex marriage


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