PM Mitchell Expresses Solidarity in the Wake of Hurricane Matthew

Prime Minister Dr the Rt Hon. Keith Mitchell, has reached out to his colleague leaders to express the concern and solidarity of the Government and People of Grenada for the damage caused by the passage of Hurricane Matthew in their various islands throughout the region in recent days.

Prime Minister Mitchell, in his letter to colleague Heads in the Windward Islands, Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Bahamas, empathized with the challenges faced by the islands on the road to recovery and reiterated Grenada’s friendship.

The Grenadian leader assured “that the Government and People of Grenada stand in solidarity and support with all during this very difficult time. We also stand willing and ready to assist in any way possible to aid in your recovery efforts.”

Dr Mitchell said that Hurricane Matthew reminds us of the vulnerability of all our islands, and the need for continued preparation and cooperation to guard against natural disasters and the effects of climate change.


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