Story of a Cancer Survivor

by Donella Hosten

Being diagnosed with cancer is probably one of the most terrifying times in one’s life, especially if the support and assistance is not there. However, having that support and a positive mind-set can be beneficial during such trying times.

At the prime age of 38, Ms Tashy Munroe was diagnosed with breast cancer. Tashy has always been an energetic, positive and God–fearing lady, even at the time of her diagnosis.

In relaying her story to NOW Grenada, Tashy described her ordeal as very “confusing,” because she was bombarded with “information and advice from so many persons, including medical doctors and family members.”

Tashy said it was a hard time for her young daughter, who was 11 years old at the time and sometimes had to wash, cook and clean for herself, when her mother was unable to do so. Despite all of this, she was very understanding and supportive of her mother.

Tashy struggled to bear the financial burden on her own. She received some treatments here, and travelled to Cuba to complete her procedures.

Before leaving Grenada, Tashy was offered prayers and positive thoughts from her family and friends. Although she was worried and nervous about the situation, she tried to “remain calm and keep the faith.”

Upon her arrival at the hospital in Cuba, Tashy underwent a series of tests before continue her treatment there. The results revealed that she was cancer-free and therefore did not need further treatment.

Tashy’s life changed forever — she changed her eating habits and adopted a healthier lifestyle. Although she never smoked or consumed alcohol before, after her “miracle” as she describes it, she has even more reason to stay away from such, and is continues to enjoy her cancer-free life, now more than 2 years later.

She attributed her healing process to the many prayers and her faith throughout.

As a cancer survivor, Tashy has told her story to many persons, especially those who are currently battling with the disease. She also indicated that she is willing to help the Grenada Cancer Society, should they need her assistance.

Some persons have a recurrence of the cancer, months or even years after they’re diagnosed as being cancer-free. However, Tashy has faith that hers will not return. She also recently lost an aunt from lung cancer — another type of cancer that is on the rise.

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