Susan Mains Gallery presents the 3rd Grenada Contemporary Art Exhibit, “The Bridge”

the bridge_susan mains
Asher Mains video “The Sea is History”

by Susan Mains

Grenada is leaping chasms and building bridges, solidifying its position as a stronghold of contemporary art in the region. In preparations for its second appearance with a National Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, Grenada is showing that it has the staying power to continue making an impression on the international contemporary art scene. In the region, Cuba is the only other country to appear in 2 consecutive Biennales. The proverbial gates have been opened and the artists of Grenada have unprecedented access to the eyes, minds and hearts of the world.

One of the exhibits that has formed a critical mass in the region is the Grenada Contemporary Exhibit. In its first expression, in 2014, the exhibit was visited by one of the most important curators in the region, José Manuel Noceda from Cuba. His attendance put Grenadian artists into a register of Caribbean artists and helped give a footing for future exposure. In 2015, there were more artists and the curatorial theme of how technology has affected society resonated especially with a younger audience. In a few short years and coupled with international exposure of Grenada’s artists, the Grenada Contemporary Exhibit is gaining momentum as one of the region’s premier contemporary art exhibits.

the bridge_susan mains
Manfred Kielnhofer “Guardians of Time”

The curatorial theme for the 3rd expression of the Grenada Contemporary Exhibit is “The Bridge” and Susan Mains has invited artists to think beyond the physical representations of a bridge into a more conceptual realm. In particular, the concept of “the bridge” is relevant in translating the local to the global and the metaphorical bridges that are necessary to make those connections. 18 artists from 9 countries will be exhibited in what may be one of Grenada’s most internationally diverse contemporary art exhibitions to date.

On Saturday, 8 October, at 6 pm at the Susan Mains Gallery at Spiceland Mall, Grand Anse, there will be an artist talk involving all of the artists who are able to attend. During openings one does not have very much time to talk to the artist about their work, and so on the 8th, artists will talk about their work and answer questions to an audience that will be getting a preview of the show before the opening.

On Tuesday, 11 October at 5:30 pm at the Susan Mains Gallery is the opening reception, when people will be able to get together and see the work of renowned international artists such as Jason deCaires Taylor (Britain), Manfred Kielnhofer (Austria), and Khaled Hafez (Egypt). Local artists Asher Mains, Rene Froehlich, Suelin Low Chew Tung and Oliver Benoit are also in the lineup.

Grenada is continuing to make an indelible mark on the region and the contemporary art world. Be a part of this exciting time in contemporary art in Grenada with us by joining on 8 & 11 October!

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