80 persons trained in Smart Agricultural Practices in Grenada

Using painted board and rubbing Vaseline as a natural way to capture white flies on cabbage

The Grenada Organic Agricultural Movement (GOAM) has successfully completed another round of activities for its climate smart agricultural project using organic practices to adapt to climate change.

3 weeks of training was conducted on 4 farms across Grenada, where over 87 persons were educated and trained in organic farming techniques in the areas of compositing, vermiculture, mulching, organic seedling production, crop nutrition and soil management. Other areas of training included compost tea and its benefits, cultural best practices for successful organic farming, the use of natural enemies, barrier crops and pest and disease control using natural methods.

Students of the 4H Club at Moyah

The training was facilitated by Cuban Consultant Dr Paula Martinez Vega and was held at farms in La Borie, Clozier, Moya and La Digue. Participants included organic farmers throughout Grenada, agronomist, Extension Officers, farmers from Carriacou, 4H Club Officers, Teachers as well as students from 2 primary schools. Crochu Roman Catholic School and Hermitage Government School. The training ran from 24 October to 9 November 2016.

According to Dr Dunstan Campbell, president of GOAM, “when these organic practices are implemented by farmers the overall soil structure will be improved, less fertiliser will be used and that enters into our rivers and our food will be healthier leading to an increase in our resilience to climate change.”

Reducing the use of plastic potting bags and using banana stalk as an alternative
Reducing the use of plastic potting bags and using banana stalk as an alternative

Through this Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies (ICCAS) project’s community, GOAM has partnered with the Ministry of Agriculture to assist farmers to use organic practices, which has a positive impact on the environment. Target groups include Clozier Youth Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd, Grenada Network of Rural Women Producers (GRENROP) and the North East Farmers’ Association.

The GOAM project is one of 6 climate-smart projects implemented by Environmental Unit of the Ministry of Education, UNDP Community Climate Change Adaptation Fund (CCAF) under the UNDP Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (ICCAS) Project.

The ICCAS project is part of the International Climate Change Initiative funded by the German Government to assist Grenada to adapt to climate change.


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