Early Advisory to Business Owners and Mobile salespersons


The Royal Grenada Police Force is reminding business owners and mobile salespersons of the need to engage in safety practices with the approach of the Holiday Season.  

Given the spike in business activities, retail merchants and mobile salespersons are urged to be proactive in their security details and be on heightened alert, so as to minimise any possible occurrences that may jeopardise business operations.

Business owners are advised to engage in the best practices and maintain due diligence, so as to reduce the risks of employees falling victims to criminal acts. Consideration should be given to trip/route planning and coordination of sales delivery to guard against theft and avoidable late evening return of employees, as well as varying delivery times/days and routes.

Salespersons are advised to follow measures that can thwart opportunistic thieves, such as being discreet with the handling of money bags and not leaving same in plain view, keeping all doors and side doors locked while travelling and immediately after sales delivery and avoid leaving vehicles unattended.

So far as is reasonably practical, salespersons must avoid carrying large sums of cash and consider using alternative routes that are less travelled or remote.

Mobile salespersons are also encouraged to be sensitive to the potential threats associated with the execution of their duties and are urged to be extra vigilant particularly on after sale return journeys. All suspicious activities should be reported to the police.

Office of Commissioner of Police

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