First Delivery of Tablet Computers

by Donella Hosten

Education Minister, Hon Anthony Boatswain affirmed the Government’s commitment to the “infusion of ICT in schools,” as he received the first shipment of tablets from Manager of the Levera Resort Project, Randy Oveson.

Almost 3 years after the general elections, the Government has finally delivered their first batch of tablets that was handing over to the Hermitage Government School.The Minister said these 30 tablets are part of a trial. He said as of next year, some of the external examinations will be done online, and in the next 2 years all exams will be done online.

Mr Oveson stated that his company wants to be very involved in education in Grenada, and this is the beginning of greater things to come. He reminded persons that they have been working with the Grenada Schools Inc. Project, whose main focus is to improve literacy on the island.

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