Immediate action for the Removal of Abandoned Vessels

In accordance with the Waste Management Act #16 of 2001 and the Abatement of Litter Act #24 of 2015, the Environmental Health Department — Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministries of Implementation and Tourism, hereby advises the owners of boats/vessels that are anchored or abandoned along the coastline/waterfront of the Kirani James Boulevard (Lagoon Road) in St George’s, that such boats/vessels MUST be removed on or before Wednesday, 30 November 2016.

Boat owners who may require assistance in removing their boat(s) should contact the above ministries, no later than 3 pm on Tuesday, 29 November 2016.

Please note that failure to comply with this request will result in the removal of your boats/vessels by agents of the State. Boats/vessels that are deemed repairable will be taken to a secure holding facility before any further action is taken in accordance with the law.

The Ministries of Health, Implementation and Tourism, will NOT be held liable for any damage(s) to property that may arise as a result of the removal process.



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