IPSC National LEVEL III Handgun Competition

IPSC National LEVEL III Handgun Competition

Grenada is now affiliated with the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). This affiliation has propelled Grenada into the international arena of sport shooting. IPSC members can now officially participate in any of the competition regionally and internationally representing IPSC Grenada.

In August 2016, we were represented in Barbados and Trinidad in 2 separate regional competition. We have just successfully completed the certification of 11 of the Grenada Gun & Rifle Association (GGRA) members in Black Badge Safety Course.

A Team of 4 will be sent to Barbados to participate in the IPSC Barbados Level III competition scheduled for 18 to 20 November 2016.

See link on the Barbados Competition: http://www.smokingbarrelsdvc.com/best-of-both-worlds.html

The team continues to train hard as they prepare to match up with some of the region’s best shooters.
Special Thanks to our Sponsors:
  • Flow
  • Anro Agencies
  • Leon Sylvan
  • RT Supplies
  • Chopstix
The GGRA continues to thank all the persons who have provided support to the development of the Practical Shooting Discipline. Understanding the Vision and the bigger picture is essential as we develop the Sport in a safe and competitive environment.
We continue to train hard to also develop the Shotgun, Clay shooting discipline, and for those who just simply want come and learn how to shoot and shoot safely.

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