PM Mitchell pledges Compensation for Farmers

Dr the Right Honourable Keith C Mitchell, Prime Minister

Cognizant of the damages brought on by the trough weather system in some areas of the country on Tuesday night, 1 November, Prime Minister Dr the Rt Hon. Keith Mitchell has instructed the Ministry of Agriculture to work with Parliamentarians in the affected areas to immediately assess and ascertain the damages suffered by farmers due to the heavy rains and flooding.

Subsequent to the reports from the Ministry, Cabinet will move to compensate the affected farmers as soon as possible, within the constraints of the Government’s resources, so as to ensure that their livelihoods are restored in the shortest possible time.

The Prime Minister and Minister for Disaster Management wasted no time in issuing the order in the aftermath of the system, after being briefed by officials of the National Disaster Management Agency and the parliamentarians for the affected areas.

According to Dr Mitchell, “we are just entering the holiday season and being the son of a former farmer, I am aware of how much this time of year means to farmers. They would have recently done extensive planting and would be looking forward to harvest and their livelihood to be able to have a good season, and this happens, unexpectedly. I cannot, in good conscience or leadership, not move to help them reclaim that hope and those plans so that their families can enjoy the season.”

NaDMA officials and Parliamentary Representatives in St Andrew, St Patrick and Carriacou have been on hand in the aftermath of the rains and floods, working with victims and assessing damages, to ensure that there is the comprehensive management of the after-effects.

The Prime Minister and Minister for Disaster Management reiterates his concern for those affected by the unexpected weather system and reassures all that the Government will continue to assist in their recovery as much as possible.


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