Results of the Grenada Constitution Referendum

Results of the Grenada Constitution Referendum 2016

After the Constitutional Reform Advisory Committee (CRAC), other Civil Society Organisations and other interest groups hosted numerous educational forums regarding Grenada’s first ever Constitution Referendum, Grenadians finally got their chance to cast their votes.

From the results of the 24 November 2016 Referendum, it is clear that those who showed up at the polls, voted mainly to oppose changes and therefore rejected all 7 Bills put forward by the Government. However, there was quite a low voter turnout of approximately 32% — just over 21,000 of the 71,241 total registered voters actually cast their ballots.

The wide margin between the number of ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ votes was vast:

Here are the final results:

Bill Short Title National Total
in Favour
National Total
1. Caribbean Court of Justice and other Justice-related matters 9,637 12,611 22,248
2. Elections and Boundaries Commission 8,939 13,207 22,146
3. Ensuring the appointment of Leader of the Opposition 6,113 15,481 21,594
4. Fixed date for Elections 7,075 14,508 21,583
5. Name of State 9,685 12,454 22,139
6. Rights and Freedoms 5,060 16,369 21,429
7. Term of Office of Prime Minister 5,393 15,270 20,663

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