Digicel Gives to the Nation’s Schools

by Donella Hosten

It is the season for giving, and Digicel is doing just that, giving 7 primary schools and 2 secondary schools some much-needed funds and technological assistance.

The 7 primary schools were selected from the north of the tri-island state through the south, and according to Mr Elvis Morain, Chief Education Officer (CEO) at the Ministry of Education, this was no easy task.

At the end of their selection process, Mt Pleasant Government School, Hermitage Government School, Grenville School for Special Education, Pomme Rose (St Joseph’s RC), St George’s Methodist Primary School, St Peter’s RC and Victoria School for Special Education made the final cut. Each school received EC$2,000 which will go toward purchasing furniture for their institutions.

Mr Morain stressed on the importance of having the proper furniture and equipment in the schools, as this is indeed a great need. He urged the students to take care of the furniture, as he said, “the more you care, the more you will receive.”

Although only 7 schools are the recipients now, Mr Morain believes it is a positive start, and expressed thanks to Digicel. “We didn’t find Digicel; Digicel found us… they engaged the Ministry of Education, and we accepted it.”

Digicel’s Marketing Executive, Mr Aaron La Grenade, also returned the expression of gratitude to the Ministry of Education for being a part of this venture. He congratulated the schools on being selected.

Another initiative Digicel has embarked on is the provision of free internet service for 1 year, to 2 secondary schools, namely Wesley College Secondary School and Grenadian Christian Academy. The schools will be using Digicel’s Fibre Network.

In speaking about the contributions given, Mr La Grenade said, “It’s not huge, but it’s a start.” Although Digicel is not the first to undertake such initiatives, Mr La Grenade encouraged other corporates to come on board.

Principal of the Hermitage Government School, Mr Donovan Richards, expressed his delight to be a recipient of the donation. He said, “at our school, we need these things from time to time,” in order for the school and students to function normally.

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