Government to Roll out National Health Insurance Programme

During her throne speech at the Grenada Trade Centre, on 2 December 2016, Her Excellency, Dame Dr Cécile La Grenade, Governor General of Grenada, announced plans for a National Health Insurance programme, which Government intends to implement during the second half of 2017.

The Governor General said, “Recognising the need to provide quality healthcare services to all citizens, regardless of their economic situation, my Government remains committed to finding alternative means of financing health care, through a National Health Insurance Programme.”

The Governor General also said Government will continue to invest heavily in healthcare delivery, particularly preventative healthcare, with the aim of curbing the increase of chronic non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. She notes that plans to implement the National Health Care programme are in progress.

“Currently, there is an advisory committee that continues to engage key stakeholders, in a widespread consultative process, to explore options for implementation. Hon. Emmalin Pierre, Minister for Implementation, has been asked to spearhead this process,” the Governor-General informed.

Two additional health sector goals for 2017 are the completion of phase II of the General Hospital upgrade and the commencement of construction of the Gouyave Health Centre.


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