Grenada wins at Honey Award 2016

Jessamine Eden receiving award

For the second straight year, Jessamine Eden apiary, Grenada has won a First Prize at the 85th National Honey Show in London. The apiary was awarded the Henders Cup, a challenge trophy donated by the Federation of Irish Beekeepers since 1973 and is sought after by competitive beekeepers from all around the world.

“We are elated because this award demonstrates the consistently high quality of the honey from our organic artisanal apiary,” said Dr Valma Jessamy, the chief beekeeper and the resident scientist at Jessamine Eden.

The Apiary is located at the Grenville Vale Tropical Botanic Garden, a conservation farm which is a natural sanctuary for the honeybee.

“Given the current crisis around the world with honey bee populations, we combine the art of natural beekeeping with science to ensure that our bees are healthy and free of diseases. Happy healthy bees will always produce the best honey, ” Dr Jessamy added.

At the botanic garden, there is a Honey House where visitors can learn about honey bees and the varietals of honey from Jessamine Eden. The honey is of different colours and bouquets from pale gold to dark amber which is influenced by the seasonal varieties of medicinal plants and wildflowers.

The Honey House is designed like a 19th-century boucan where visitors can sample organic teas and honey-inspired foods produced on the Farm.

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