Human Rights Conference held by the Grenada Human Rights Organisation

by Donella Hosten

Under the theme “Stand Up for Someone’s Rights Today”, Grenada joined with the rest of the world to observe International Human Rights Day (IHRD) 2016.

Grenada’s recently concluded national referendum process stands as a clear indication that Grenadians are embracing their basic rights and freedoms, which is a major part of IHR celebrations. The lessons learnt from the referendum process – which sought to amend the Grenada Constitution, suggest that human right is about governance and its implication on society.

In a conference held on Saturday 10 December, the day designated to celebrate International Human Rights, the Grenada Human Rights Organisation (GHRO) made a brief statement regarding the day’s celebrations. “As we, together, continue to examine the guarantees to our rights enshrined in the constitution, let us build on the platform that can lead to a national consensus.

As an activist movement that impartially promote and protect the rights of all nationals, especially the marginalised and the vulnerable, the GHRO will continue to do its civic and educational campaigns with a view to help Grenadians to know their rights. GHRO’s philosophy reflects through its motto: “Knowing your rights is your civic responsibility.

In this light, the GHRO has affirmed its commitment to continue partnering with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and other human rights organisations, locally, regionally and internationally, to monitor compliance by the states to “respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all citizens.”

The GHRO is calling on all citizens not to condone discrimination and marginalisation. A special appeal was made to the Royal Grenada Police Force concerning the police–civilian relationship. “Police shootings are becoming too regular. Deaths in police station cells are worrying… without any form of accountability. We are concerned!”

There was a further call for Government to comply with efforts being made to implement the good governance agenda here in Grenada. “We speak about accountability, transparency, respect for the rule of law and genuine people’s participation – citizens’ engagement!”

Also present at the IHR conference were persons from Grenada National Council on Aging (GNCA), Grenada National Coalition on the Rights of the Child (GNCRC), CSOs and interested members of the public.

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