St David Police Seek to Curb Domestic Violence Incidents

by Donella Hosten

According to Head of the St David Police Station, Inspector Andrea Cadet, the number of recorded domestic violence cases is a cause for concern. She said last year, there were over 193 reported cases, and for 2016 there are 126 cases thus far.

The female Police Officer said they saw the need to do something to raise awareness and do something about the figures. The situation also attracted the attention of the Police Citizen Advisory Body who is encouraging persons to report any form of abuse that they may be facing.

Inspector Cadet said this is not only a problem for the Police, but it’s a societal issue. She said they collaborated with the Ministry of Social Development to host a workshop in an effort to do something to “curb these incidents.”

The workshop, which was held at the La Saggesse Nature Center on Tuesday 29 November 2016, is hoped to be a step in the right direction, as this is a matter of national concern. Attending Tuesday’s workshop were a number of organisations, community groups and secondary school students.

Inspector Cadet believes this exercise should encourage persons to come out and learn to empower themselves and take responsibility for their actions.

One of the members of the St David Police Citizen Advisory Committee, Isaac Bhagwan said one of the mandates of the Committee is to look after the security of the community. He noted that domestic violence is a serious matter whether it is verbal or physical. “We are hoping with more information persons would see the need to report any form of abuse.”

The St David Police also engaged in a march against domestic violence on Thursday 1 December, 2016, through the streets of St David. They were joined by a number of residents and other interest groups.

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