Burke consulting lawyers about his tax information going public

Nazim Burke

by Linda Straker

Nazim Burke, Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has confirmed that he is consulting with his lawyers to get their guidance about “false” information that he claimed is being “mass emailed” to journalists and other persons about his tax obligation to Government.

Burke claims that the information in the email provides a breakdown of his communications with Government, regarding gratuity owed to him for the time he served as a Government Minister, as well as the tax compliance status for both himself and his wife.

Sharing communications which he claims cleared him off the allegation that he owes Government EC$78,456.91, Burke provided documentation stating that it is the Government that owes him. “The truth is, Government owes me EC$21,300 and not I owing them any money,” he said.

“It’s not true that Nazim Burke owes the Government. It’s a deliberate and spiteful act,” he said, while confirming that he will seek guidance from his lawyers to stop this “false and malicious” story from spreading further.

“I am not going to jump and say that I am taking legal action, I am not saying I am going to sue. We are consulting with a few attorneys to see if it’s a fair game,” said Burke, who was the guest on the talk show “To the Point,” which is hosted on the Grenada Broadcasting Network. “This is simply not true. It intended to distract us,” said Burke — who explained that both himself and his wife have filed claims jointly.

Information from the Ministry of Finance shows that a total outstanding tax liability including interest and penalties for the period 2011 to 2015, for both himself and his wife was $113,870.25, but a decision was made to grant a 100% waiver of all penalties and interest — and this was equivalent to $35,413.34 which then left a principal balance of $78,456.91.

Burke admitted giving Government the authority to offset the sum of the gratuity of $73,218.21 against the outstanding tax liability of $78,456.91, leaving a balance due to the Government of $5,238.71.

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