GMMIWU satisfied with Government settlement

by Donella Hosten

The Grenada Manual Maritime & Intellectual Workers Union (GMMIWU) has reached a settlement with the Government regarding salary increases and fringe benefits for workers at Laura Estate and Mt Reuil Estate.

In relation to the workers at Mt Reuil Estate, GMMIWUs General Secretary, Oscar Williams said they were temporary for about 5 years, however through the negotiations with Government, the workers were finally made permanent. Their salaries will therefore be adjusted accordingly.

“For the first time, cooks in Grenada will be getting a medical plan,” Williams revealed, referring to the Cooks under the School Feeding Programme. Additionally, all the workers at Laura Estate will be receiving EC$1,000 as fringe benefits.

According to GMMIWUs General Secretary, these negotiations cover the 2017 to 2019 cycle.

Williams asserted, “As a Union person, I would love to see workers get more than EC$1,000, but at the same time it is fair…” He said this is what the Union was asking for, and he commended the Government’s negotiation team for doing “their best to get the process going.” He said that Government has shown their appreciation and “we see it as a gift.”

Although the Government was unable to settle all the Union’s requests, they agreed to do what they can further into the year.

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