Grenada’s primary health care to get major improvements

Prime Minister Mitchell and EU Ambassador to the OECS after the EDF Signing

€3.5 Million (approximately EC$10 Million) has been given through the European Development Fund (EDF) in grant funding to Grenada for the enhancement of its primary health care sector.

A signing ceremony between Grenada’s Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell and Ambassador of the EU Delegation to Barbados and the OECS, Her Excellency Daniela Tramacere, was held at the Prime Minister’s office on Tuesday, demonstrating Grenada’s readiness to revitalise its efforts in the delivery of primary health care services.

“This programme will focus on preventative care for addressing the needs of the most vulnerable in the rural communities. So, this is very important in a country that has been going through very harsh measures, to foster the access of those in need of basic services for the well-being of everybody in the country,” Ambassador Tramacere said.

A major part of the funds will be used to tackle the long anticipated construction of the Gouyave Health Clinic, which will serve as the centre of health care services for the western parishes of St John and St Mark.

Prime Minister Mitchell said he is particularly pleased about the project.

“Dealing with the health sector of our country, we experience tremendous challenges in that particular area… Therefore, having the European Union support on this is so important to us,” Dr Mitchell said. “Having the resources to implement and to do this project at this particular time, to me, is something that makes me extremely happy,”


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