A More Reliable Supply of Water for St David

Filtered Tanks and pump house.

Residents of Pomme Rose, La Tante, Belle Vue, Requin and surrounding communities in St David, will be receiving treated and a more reliable supply of water for the very first time.

This refreshing news was confirmed on Thursday, 12 January, with the opening of the National Water and Sewerage Authority’s (NAWASA) $1.8 million Water Treatment Facility, built approximately 1,090 feet above sea-level at Mt Agnes, St David.

The facility, which features a pump house, filtered tanks, an operator’s quarters and a 250,000-gallon capacity holding or dissemination tank, was completed in 1 year and 6 months.

Speaking at the commissioning of the facility, General Manager of NAWASA, Christopher Husbands said, “The project will mark a first for over a hundred persons in this Mt Agnes area, who up to this point have never had access to treated water.” He explained, “they were always receiving raw water from the dam because they have resided above what used to be the old treatment plant.”




The General Manager said the NAWASA initiative is phase 1 of 2, and that within the next 6 months approximately another 30 to 35 households will be supplied with pipe-borne water for the first time as well. He said that by mid-2017, more than 300 residents in the surrounding area will have access to a safe supply of potable water.

Present at the event and reinforcing government’s commitment to the venture was Parliamentary Representative for St David, Hon. Oliver Joseph.

“We are committed to ensuring that water supply improves; the quality improves — to our people, and today is a manifestation of that,” he assured.

Residents were more than eager to express their delight at the development. “It gives me a privilege to be here this afternoon, just to say, I’m very thankful to NAWASA,” said Pomme Rose resident, Debbiann Lumpriss.

“I think the opening of this facility here is really a historic achievement,” said retired farmer and resident of La Tante, Samuel Joseph.

The project also received commendation from its contractor Alistair Barriteau, of Barriteau Enterprises. It was the first project of this nature undertaken by his company. “I think I’m satisfied with the way the project went,” the contractor said. “ And I must say thanks to my workmen too.”

Barriteau said the project played its part in providing short-term employment, as approximately 40 workers were employed at the peak of construction. Several of them are residents of the immediate area who engaged in extensive excavation, steel bending and concrete work, among other tasks.

Several communities in St Davids were affected by both the quality of the water and its inadequate supply over the years, especially during the rainy season, when the Pomme Rose Water Treatment System was plagued by difficulties. But thanks to this NAWASA initiative, this issue is now a thing of the past.

The Mount Agnes Water Treatment Facility is the second facility recently commissioned by NAWASA, with the other located at Blaize, St Andrew.


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