MNIB to Work With Farmers for Local Produce

by Donella Hosten

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Marketing and National Importing Board (GMNIB), Ruel Edwards, says they will be going back to the drawing board so they can successfully meet the demand for fresh produce on the local market.

Grenadian farmers have called on the MNIB to assist with the creation of more market for their produce, and the MNIB is planning to adhere to the call.

According to Mr Edwards, the MNIB will be “providing farmers with the support to ensure that we can meet market demand requirement for a range of produce.”

He said they will be working along with farmers to set up a production schedule to ensure they can have those produce and commodities throughout the entire year.

Mr Edwards said he cannot see why produce such as yams and sweet potatoes have to be imported from neighbouring islands, when they can surely be produced here in Grenada. He noted that the demand for fresh produce on the local market is high, and encouraged people to continue to eat healthy and local.

One of the most recent initiatives of the MNIB was the bottling of coconut water, which, according to Mr Edwards, is going quite well.

Edwards boasted about the great start that the MNIB has had for the year. “We’re excited over 2017, and we’re passionate about what we think is going to happen, and, so far the year has started off on a very good note in terms of the demand for fresh produce.”



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