New Kiddies Mas’ Band from St David for Carnival 2017

IGNITE, the newly formed organization from St David, will be making its presence felt at Kiddies Carnival 2017 with its Fancy Mas Band, “Our Roots”. The organization was formed in December 2016 by Kelvin Jacob, Tessa McQuilkin, Nicole Clarke, Cossil Ross, and Troy Clarke.

The parish of St David is noted for its many soca artistes, calypsonians, queen contestants, and can even boast of being the home of the Wild Indian, and the Best J’ouvert. Many years have gone by since we have seen the involvement of St David at Kiddies Carnival in Fancy Mas, and the parents and children of St David are ready to “take it to them”.

Ignite’s objectives are:

  • To bring fancy mas back to the parish of St David by providing opportunities for children to enjoy the fun and frolic associated with carnival
  • To research and teach Carnival History, and promote the traditional and theatrical aspects of our Mas’
  • To develop a greater awareness of Grenada’s Carnival Culture among our young people, and thus increase the overall participation in Mas at Grenada’s Carnival.

Ignite is soliciting the support of corporate Grenada, through sponsorship, to make this carnival band a success. We are hoping to launch the band at the end of March 2017.

1 (473) 415 0202
[email protected]

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