Showing the Youth Our Ugly Side

Claudette Joseph LL.B, LEC

Many complain bitterly about how misguided today’s young people are. Young people are accused of either not being focused on or interested in anything at all; or being focused on or interested in all the wrong things. They are often described as being apathetic about matters that affect them, particularly political causes. Many people lament about what the world has become and are pessimistic about the future being in the hands of the youths.

Those accusations and concerns may be well placed in relation to some young people, but thankfully, for a good many, they do not apply. In the case of young Tevin Andrews, of Carriacou, they definitely do not.

Tevin Andrews, NDC Caretaker for Carriacou & Petite Martinique

At 21, Tevin became the NDC caretaker for the Constituency of Carriacou & Petite Martinique. He has taken on this role with a sense of purpose, with tremendous energy and with an enviable degree of seriousness that makes him an inspiration for many and has earned him the respect and admiration of his peers.

Despite this, some person or persons are bent on distressing and demoralising this young man. It would be quite alright if his life was made “difficult” by pointing his errors and shortcomings in order to show why he is not a suitable to be a caretaker or Candidate for Carriacou & PM. Instead, attempts are being made to stop him in his tracks altogether. Now, just who would want to so distress this young man?

The NDC Constituency Office was broken into over the Christmas holidays. A laptop and a camera were stolen. If it were only those items, it could be labelled a robbery, but his party documents were also stolen. Despite Carriacou being such a small and closely knit community, so far, the police have made no arrest.

On Wednesday, 25 January, his home was broken into. His gas cooker and cylinder were stolen. If that were all, it could be labelled as just a robbery. However, his TV was smashed, bleach was poured all over his clothes after they were pulled out of his closet and chest of drawers, the covers on his mattress and pillows were pulled off and the mattress and pillows slashed with a sharp object. The pictures circulating are quite frankly, scary. One wonders what would happen to this young man had he been home when the perpetrator/s broke in.

Incidents like these are what will discourage our young people from wanting to serve their country in public life. Truth is there are far more exciting and lucrative options out there for the ambitious and driven youth. Young people like Tevin, with a sense of civic duty and service, are rare in our society. So when they emerge, we have a duty to support, encourage, emulate and help develop them to their fullest potential. Our country can only be better for it.

I am certain that these evil, lawless acts, were not promoted and are not condoned by the good MP for that constituency or his party. However, given the nature of both incidents, it does appear that robbery was not the sole motive. Some person or persons appear to be on a frolic of their own, targeting Tevin. Mr Nimrod and his party should condemn these acts in the strongest possible terms. Civil Society and the religious community should do likewise. We cannot afford for these modes of behaviour to take root in our small beloved country. We have been through enough already.

One trusts that the police will conduct thorough investigations ending in arrests and convictions in relation to both incidents.

Finally, the writer joins with so many members of the public in wishing young Tevin Andrews God’s continued blessings and protection and encouraging him not to be daunted or intimidated. These are mere bumps along the road to realising his full potential and pursuing his calling of service to his people, if that is what he is indeed called to do.

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