Change of Registration Officers

Alex Phillip, Supervisor of Elections

The Supervisor of Elections takes the opportunity to inform the general public of the change of Registration Officers in the following Constituencies:

  • Ms Geraldine Guy is the new Registration Officer in place of Mr Dominic Mc Farlane for Carriacou and Petite Martinique.
  • For the Constituency of St George South East, Mr Glen Alexander replaces Mr Ronald Simon.
  • At the St John Constituency, Mrs Catherine Hamlet now serves in the place of Mr Anthony Gentle.
  • Mr Leroy Charles has been replaced by Ms Chrislyn La Borde at the St Patrick East Constituency.
  • At the St Andrew North West Constituency, Ms Marcia Francis is now the registration officer, replacing Mrs LeslieAnn James.
  • Mr Percival Burke was replaced at the St Andrew North East Constituency, by Mr Evan George Mathew Bhola.
  • Mr Wayne Horsford is the new Registration Officer, replacing Mrs Denise Perrotte at St Andrew South West Constituency.
  • At the St Andrew South East Constituency, Ms Shirleen Robertson replaces Mrs Sherion Belfon-Gabriel.

The Supervisor of Elections expresses sincere thanks to each of the former officers and to welcome on our team the new Registration Officers.

The Parliamentary Elections Office continues to work assiduously to provide professional quality services to the general public.

I can assure you that integrity, impartiality and transparency will be held in highest regard and I look forward to the engagement by the populace through the scrutinising of the list, submissions of queries and recommendations.


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