Ministry of Health Sends Formal Letter to the Importers Brazilian Food Products

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Following a request from the Ministry of Health on 22 March, to importers and retailers to remove for sale all processed meat products originating from Brazil, the Grenadian Health Ministry has issued formal letters to local food importers operating on the island.

On Thursday, 23 March, letters were dispatched to more than a dozen food importers. The letter essentially called for cooperation from importers/retailers in the interest of public health and safety while the Government continues to monitor the investigations ongoing in Brazil.

23 March 2017

Brazilian Food Imports

The Ministry of Health, Social Security and International Business sincerely thank you for meeting with us yesterday (Wednesday, 22 March) on the important issue of foods imported from Brazil in light of the information that is published by the Government of Brazil.

Based on an ongoing investigation it has been alleged that several meat processing companies in Brazil have been involved in the sale of tainted meat products.

Based on our discussions and what we have agreed to, the Ministry is kindly by way of a reminder, requesting that all importers and retailers remove for sale all processed meat products originating from Brazil until further notice.

This measure is taken primarily in the interest of health and public safety and to avoid consumer panic. Many other countries as you are aware have already issued an outright ban.

In the meantime, the Ministry is monitoring the developments on the issue and collaborating with regional and international public health agencies to bring a speedy resolution to this matter.

For any further concerns or clarifications please contact Permanent Secretary, Mr Aaron Francois on telephone number 1 (473) 534-5195.

We, therefore, look forward to your cooperation in this important public health matter.

Yours sincerely,

Aaron Francois (Mr)


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