NEWIM Introduces Rebrand as Antillean Life and Antillean General Insurance

ANTILLEAN GROUP formerly known as NEWIM introduces its rebranded Insurance Operations.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017, signaled the official start of Antillean Group’s rebranded insurance operations, Antillean Life and Antillean General. The company previously known as NEWIM, Grenada’s only indigenous full service Insurance provider, on Thursday, 13 October 2016, launched Antillean Group with its slogan “Live Well Financially”.

The launch of the group solidifies the company’s commitment to continued leadership in the insurance industry and to providing customers with a financially secured future. The name and logo embraces our region and aligns the company to its geographic location while providing an identity reflective of the culture of its people.

Antillean Group offers everyone the opportunity to “Live Well Financially”.

“We have enhanced our business infrastructure to improve our capabilities. As a financial institution, we are aware that our social responsibility is as important as the strength of our balance sheet. We have created a group which understands the business of our business, with a modern corporate structure and a creative intellect which places high emphasis on corporate governance, regulatory compliance, financial competence, community responsibility and most importantly customer experience,” says Kennie John – Chairman.

Antillean Life and Antillean General now operates as two independently capitalized, managed and licensed subsidiaries of Antillean Group.

The rebranded operations will serve policyholders from all three locations – Young Street, St George’s; Gladstone Road, Grenville, St Andrew; and Hillsborough, Carriacou. Policyholders can also make calls and payments at Kalico in Sauteurs, St Patrick.

Antillean Group thanks all policyholders for their continued support as they look forward to assuring you “Live Well Financially”.

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