Peter David Appointed as NNP’s Assistant General Secretary

Peter David
Peter David

by Donella Hosten

On Sunday ,26 March 2017, the New National Party (NNP) held its Convention and Rally at Telescope, St Andrew, during which the announcement of the Party’s Executive Members was made.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell, will remain as the Party’s Political Leader, Hon. Gregory Bowen will now serve as the Chairman, while Hon. Clarice Modeste Curwen serves as the Deputy Chairman.

Hon. Roland Bhola and Senator Peter David will now hold the positions of General Secretary and Assistant General Secretary, respectively.

The post of Treasurer will be held by Hon. Anthony Boatswain, while Senator Simon Stiell retained his post of Public Relations Officer, and Ms Edith Mac Donald will hold the post of Welfare Officer.

In addressing the large gathering on Sunday evening, Senator Peter David, a former member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) said, he has “experienced the NNP, and has come to love the NNP.”

He reflected on his time spent with the NDC, and clearly indicated that that party was not for him. He said he had supporters from the NNP encouraging him to come to their side, and he is glad he did just that, because the NNP has a leader.

According to David, Dr Mitchell is a man who “cares about the people,” and is always thinking of ways to make things better for the people of Grenada. “I cannot say the same about the NDC.”

David noted that although many persons may be trying to “divide the Party,” this will not work. He even made mention of changing the NNPs political symbol from the House to a Mansion, claiming that the House is too small for the people coming in, as he is of the firm belief that the NNP will win all 15 seats in the next General Elections.

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