Which is the True Face of Grenada?

As ever, the Island and its inhabitants dressed themselves up for Independence Day. The place looked superb: freshly painted everywhere, litter-free, grass cut short, bush trimmed, colour everywhere. It made you feel good. Proud and patriotic, even.

Litter at the RBTT cash point, St George’s

And then there’s the other side of the coin. This little pile was outside the RBTT cash point in St George’s, just 3 days before Independence Day. It shows you what the cleaners-up have to contend with.

Why can’t we keep the place tidy ALL year? Why do we have to clean up at all for Independence Day, and Carnival, and Christmas? If nothing was dropped, there would be nothing to clean up, and people could concentrate on planting and painting — and stop worrying about rats and mosquitoes. Easy. Not so?

Grenada Green Group

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