CTO Sustainable Tourism Awards Logo Design Competition


Grenadians are being asked to showcase their abilities in the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s (CTO) Sustainable Tourism Awards ‘Logo Design Competition.’ This competition is open to designers and graphic artists aged 18 years and older, who are nationals of CTO member countries.

The CTO created the Caribbean Sustainable Tourism Awards to identify and showcase sustainable tourism good practices in the Caribbean. The awards recognise individuals, groups, organisations or companies which have developed responsible and unique tourism products, or are engaged in implementing tourism-related initiatives which embrace sustainability principles. Therefore, young Grenadians have the chance to design the logo for this prestigious event.

Submissions are due by 5pm on Friday 16 June 2017, and a final selection will be announced by Friday 7 July 2017. The following judging criteria will apply:

  • The design must be unique and original
  • The design must reflect the feel and atmosphere of the Sustainable Tourism Awards
  • The design must be clearly identifiable as CTO’s Sustainable Tourism Awards
  • The design must be easily reproducible on trophies/plaques/certificates
  • The design must represent the essence of sustainability in Caribbean Tourism
  • The design must only utilise official CTO colours

Technical Requirements:

  1. Logo submissions should be done in JPEG format using the CMYK colour coding
  2. You must submit five (5) versions of your logo as follows:
  3. A small coloured print version 3/4” in diameter at 150 dpi
  4. A small grayscale print version 3/4” in diameter at 150 dpi
  5. A small coloured online/digital version 180p x 180p
  6. A large high resolution coloured print version, copy sized, at 300dpi
  7. A large high resolution grayscale print version, copy sized at 300dpi
  8. The artwork should be a combination of both text and illustration, and must include the words “Caribbean Sustainable Tourism Awards”.
  9. All branded elements must be clearly labeled on submission version ‘2d’ (listed above).

Submission Guidelines:

Entries should be submitted via email, and should take into account the aspects listed below:

  1. A cover sheet containing:
  2. The designer’s name, nationality and contact information, ie Address, E-mail and Telephone. (Winner must provide proof of nationality via Government ID);
  3. A short write-up (max 200 words) detailing your logo inspiration and rationale;
  4. The original vector files of the five (5) required design versions in Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Free Hand only, submitted via Dropbox link;
  5. CTO does not accept any liability for the corruption of files submitted;
  6. The adjudged winner is required to make all requested changes to their winning entry, if 
such is deemed required by the CTO;
  7. For final submission, questions, or to request additional details, contact CTO Sustainable 
Tourism Consultant, Kennedy Pemberton at pembertonk@caribtourism.com.

Copyright Protection:  The logo must be a 100% original and unpublished work.

Award & Recognition:

  • $300 USD in Cash
  • Recognition on the CTO Website
  • Recognition at the 2017 Sustainable Tourism Awards Presentation
  • Recognition in the official programme booklet of a major CTO Event in 2017

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