Kalbert Mc Kenzie Wins Royal Hospitality Scholarship

Buckingham Palace, London, England

During the visit of Prince Harry of Wales to Grenada last November, he announced that Buckingham Palace would provide Royal Household Hospitality Scholarships to Caribbean nationals. The Royal Household solicited requests from each of the 9 Caribbean Realms and 1 individual was selected from each country.

Following telephone interviews with the Master of the Household’s Department at Buckingham Palace, Kalbert Mc Kenzie of Grand Anse, St George, is the Grenadian recipient of this prestigious scholarship.

Mr Mc Kenzie, who previously worked as a bartender, has been assigned with the Front of House team. He has chosen to work in hospitality to follow the footsteps of his parents who both worked in that area. He enjoys particularly the service element of Front of House duties. Mr Mc Kenzie hopes the scholarship will provide him with the opportunity to expand his knowledge of Front of House Service and to network with new people.

Mr Mc Kenzie, along with the other 8 scholars, will join the Royal Household for a 6-week placement from May 15 to June 27, 2017.

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